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Quality Control at Every Step: Our IT Asset Disposition Process.

Ecos offers legally compliant, Environmentally Protective, and Data Secure recycling methods for Decommissioning failed, old, or retired IT Infrastructure and computer hardware.

Excellence Through Rigorous Control

At Ecos Recycling, quality control is at the forefront of our operations. We understand the importance of ensuring that every step of the IT asset disposition process is executed with precision and attention to detail. From the moment your assets are received to their final disposition, our expert team implements stringent quality control measures to guarantee the highest standards are met. We employ rigorous testing, auditing, and inspection procedures to ensure that your assets are accurately evaluated, properly handled, and securely processed. Our commitment to quality control is driven by our dedication to delivering exceptional service and maximizing value for our clients. Trust us to handle your IT assets with the utmost care and professionalism, ensuring quality control at every step of the IT asset disposition process.

Collection & Transport

At Ecos Recycling, we provide comprehensive services to ensure a seamless IT asset disposition process. Our asset list management enables accurate tracking and documentation of every asset throughout its lifecycle. Whether it’s decommissioning outdated equipment or securely destroying on-site data, our expert team ensures compliance with data privacy regulations and mitigates any potential risks. With our pack-up and haul-off service, we take care of the logistics, ensuring a smooth transition from your premises to our facilities. We prioritize the transfer of liability, safeguarding your organization from any future risks associated with the disposed-of assets. Additionally, we maintain a transparent chain of custody, providing you with a clear record of the asset disposition process, and ensuring accountability and peace of mind.

Sorting & Data Destruction

At Ecos Recycling, we provide comprehensive solutions for asset management and data security. Our services include asset tag removal, ensuring that all identifiable information is removed from your IT assets to protect your privacy and security. We also specialize in basic category sorting, efficiently organizing and categorizing your assets based on their type and condition for optimal processing. When it comes to data security, our expert team ensures that hard drives are wiped or shredded, guaranteeing the complete eradication of sensitive information. We adhere to strict compliance standards, including NIST 800-53 and U.S. Department of Defense requirements, ensuring that your IT asset disposition is carried out in accordance with the highest security protocols. At Ecos Recycling, we prioritize your data protection and asset management needs, offering reliable and compliant solutions you can trust.


At Ecos Recycling, our comprehensive approach to sustainable waste management includes the efficient dismantling of components and the meticulous sorting of materials into scrap categories. Our expert team utilizes advanced techniques and tools to carefully disassemble electronic devices, ensuring that valuable components are safely extracted for reuse or recycling. We adhere to strict environmental standards and employ state-of-the-art sorting processes to separate various materials such as metals, plastics, and precious metals. By categorizing the scrap materials, we can maximize their recovery and minimize waste, contributing to a circular economy. With Ecos Recycling, you can trust that every component is dismantled with precision and every material is sorted with utmost care, promoting a greener and more sustainable future.


At Ecos Recycling, we have established a comprehensive and efficient system for managing process scrap categories. Our dedicated team understands the significance of properly handling and disposing of process scrap to minimize environmental impact and maximize resource utilization. We categorize process scrap into different types based on their composition, such as metal, plastic, paper, or electronic waste, ensuring appropriate treatment for each category. Our expert technicians employ advanced sorting techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to separate and extract valuable materials from the scrap, promoting recycling and reducing waste. We adhere to strict regulatory standards and industry best practices to ensure the safe and responsible management of process scrap. By effectively managing process scrap categories, we contribute to a sustainable and eco-friendly approach, creating a greener future for our clients and the environment.


At Ecos, we offer comprehensive IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) Audit Reports to provide our clients with a detailed assessment of their IT assets throughout the disposal process. Our expert team conducts thorough audits, evaluating the condition, functionality, and compliance of each asset, ensuring accurate and reliable information. These reports serve as a crucial tool for organizations to maintain transparency, meet regulatory requirements, and make informed decisions regarding their IT assets. With our ITAD Audit Reports, clients can gain valuable insights into their asset lifecycle, maximize value recovery, and minimize risks associated with data breaches and environmental impact. Trust Ecos to deliver thorough and reliable ITAD Audit Reports that empower you to make well-informed decisions and optimize your IT asset disposition process.

Remarket & Reporting

At Ecos Recycling, we offer comprehensive solutions for IT asset disposition, whether you choose to donate or resell your equipment. With options for both wholesale and retail, we cater to your specific needs. Our buyback and revenue-sharing program provides a mutually beneficial arrangement, allowing you to recover value from your assets. Throughout the entire process, we maintain a strict downstream chain of custody, ensuring the secure handling of your equipment. As proof of our commitment to responsible recycling, we provide a Certificate of Recycling that includes the weight of the recycled materials. Additionally, we offer a Certificate of Data Destruction to give you peace of mind that your sensitive information is permanently erased. For a detailed account of your assets, we provide a Serialized Asset Report, allowing you to track and manage your IT inventory effectively. Choose Ecos Recycling for a seamless and trustworthy IT asset disposition experience.

State Authorized And Federally Compliant ITAD Company.

Inventory Audit

Our team is experienced in accurate inventory-taking of IT Assets. Ecos will psychically verify the inventory list upon arrival.

Reporting and Certification

Ecos ITAD inventory report covers all steps of the IT Asset disposition service. It includes all the required certificates of destruction and is EPA, and RCRA compliant.

Onsite and Offsite Services

We provide Onsite and offsite Decommissioning of IT Assets, data destruction, packing, and transporting of IT assets.

Financial Settlements

We provide you with value for obsolete assets that in turn help recover value that is lost from retired IT hardware which can help counter the cost of recycling, logistics, data destruction, and decommissioning.

End To End Service No Comprises

Relax while our team performs every step of the ITAD process.

Ecos is dedicated to providing the highest level of IT disposition services. We offer a full 360-service, including removal, pickup, cleanup, destruction, and compensation. Our team ensures secure and eco-friendly disposal, adhering to industry standards and regulations. Partner with us for a seamless and efficient IT asset disposition experience.

When choosing the correct partner for ITAD, look no further than Ecos.

With a Security first approach, Ecos has decommissioned Countless Servers and Computers. When your company’s data is in jeopardy make sure you team up with Proven Professionals.

Highest ITAD Returns

Relative to our competitors, our returns far exceed any other due to our years of experience and methods of e-waste recycling.

White Glove Service

Relax knowing that Ecos will handle every aspect of your it asset disposition services.

Enterprise ITAD Service

No job is too small and no job is too big. We have experience with disposing services from small companies to Fortune 500 companies

Cost of ITAD Service

Our goal is to either have your firm pay zero out of cost for recycling or preferably pay you for your company’s old it assets.

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